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I feel like they’d all feel bad and apologize before asking if you wanted to eat something else, a few of them might ask why you chose that kind of diet but that’s kind of it… ~ Admin Lily Exo Reaction to you being abducted. Holy Hell it has been a long time since I posted anything!! I’m so sorry for being MIA for a while I was trying to prepare everything for my first year in college. EXO REACTION TO THEM FORGETTING TO PICK YOU UP AND FIND YOU CRYING Xiumin: Xiumin hadn’t forgotten to pick up his girlfriend because he wasn’t a dumbass, however the seven car pile-up that was blocking Xiumin from moving even a foot had him becoming more and more tardy to pick up his Jagi from work. This is his only possible reaction when you say yes. but can you even be mad at him? like he'd be all “why you cry? why why why  Oct 27, 2017 Seventeen reacting to their S/O crying for the first time Lets say you crying over something like family problems or whatever you want ask box is  Dec 4, 2017 Anonymous Requested: Hello! I was wondering if you could do a reaction of seventeen crying infront of their S/O for the first time. BTS reaction to their S/O celebrating day of the dead . S. Hii sweeties! So this is this band that I also likes and it would be amazing if you could check their MV out ♡ They are going through some hardship right now! Feb 10, 2019- “hip hop and/or performance unit reaction to seeing how good you are with kids” Hip Hop Unit Seungcheol: “You are going to be the best wife one day, our child will be so lucky” Wonwoo: Seeing you Seventeen Reaction (Performance Unit) to you flinching during a fight OMG THESE RAKE SO LONG WHY DO I DO SEVENTEEN REACTIONS SO LATE AT NIGHT Carrying on I hope you like it Dino: Tears were running Seventeen reaction to their girlfriend flying back to her home country after she caught him cheating Thanks for requesting! ^^ I hope you like this and if not, tell me please~ i had a hard time with Seventeen reaction to you being a free spirit/reckless at times. Coups: He would just smirk and watch you suffering because he did tell you that his toothpaste was really strong! “Seventeen’s reaction to you sitting on their lap and kissing their neck while you guys are in front of the boys” S. Coups S. When you let yourself cry, you’ll find that you’re able to overcome your negative feelings much more easily. DK. “Seventeen hyung line + mingyu reaction to when their s/o gives them a backhug and then starts crying over something that happened that day” Seungcheol: He’d get a big smile on his face when he feels your arms around his waist, but the moment he felt wetness from your tears his smile would fade. Coups: “ Aishhh~ Why do you have to be like this now?” He would whine softly into your ear, trying to keep what he said a secret from the boys. Coups He paused and thought to why you would be crying. Thank you to everyone who stuck around. This is a very emotional reaction and I BEG you to read Anonymous said: Would you do a vixx reaction when they are crying or really sad and their girlfriend silently sits beside them to hold him, whispers that it will be okay, or maybe hums a lullaby and Pretending to faint when Seventeen scares you // reaction You’re at the company building, trying to look for a Seventeen member who happens to be a good friend of yours. Thank you so much for your request @shadyismy !!! Hotshot reaction to you crying at ‘Wreck It Ralph’ @angienoemy asked: Okay so I was working on a Yoonsan story (indirect advertisement XD it’s not even on tumblr) and Wreck it Ralph was on so that got BTS reaction to you (gf) trying to leave during a date - /Thanks for the request! I decided to make these quite long so I’m going to do separate ones for bts and exo reactions. Anonymous said: EXO fucking you so hard that you start crying out of pleasure Answer: Sehun: “ He will start kissing you roughly going faster and harder eager to hear you screaming his name louder” You Crying Over You Favorite Character’s Death. Mingyu. Thanks lovee . This is my first gif reaction so tell me if it’s bad >_ SEVENTEEN Reaction to You Falling In Their Laps on a Train Ride {Requested} “ Can you do a seventeen reaction when you’re on a train together (they have a crush on you) and all of the sudden the train SVT Reaction to Hearing Their S/O Moan for the First Time A/N: This was more fun to write since it’s a bit more risqué than anything else I’ve written so far lmao I hope you like it~ - Seungcheol: He Seventeen reaction: s/o waking them up from a nap because they missed them. For @bellona-dreamer //GIFS DO NOT BELONG TO US UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE. Seventeen Reaction to you crying. seventeen gif reaction crying-in-korean Hansol Vernon Chwe you may not be my SEVENTEEN bias but you are my SEVENTEEN babe he may attack but please also SVT Reaction to You Having a Different Voice When You Speak Another Language A/N: omg I really really like this one! I’m trilingual so this makes perfect sense to me and I can definitely relate so SVT Reaction to You Having a Different Voice When You Speak Another Language A/N: omg I really really like this one! I’m trilingual so this makes perfect sense to me and I can definitely relate so SEVENTEEN’s reaction to you doing skinship when you usually don’t 🐳~ We make BTS, EXO, 2PM, SEVENTEEN and GOT7 reactions, scenarios and outfits so feel free to request. (I fricking did my makeup to match their album cover today for goodness sakes I can’t handle Request: Congrats on 300 followers!!! Can I have a seventeen reaction to their celebrity crush singing Human by Christina Perri and crying while performing? I’ve really liked reactions like this, like reactions with performing certain songs involved lmao Thank you love EXO reaction to you cuddling them in your sleep. Jun 14, 2017 SEVENTEEN debuted just two years ago, but the multi-faceted, Dino, while you guys were in LA filming 'Don't Wanna Cry', SEVENTEEN And what was your reaction to the song being included on the album's final cut? How would Seventeen react when there's a spider in the room?🤔 *Requested by anon* “You sit there, I sit here, everything's fine” -like the Q&A mv :joy: -. BTS reaction to their S/O being deadly afraid of Freddy Krueger to the point you can’t sleep at night Seventeen Reaction: You Like Another Member Request: “Hi, I’m new at this, but I was wondering if you could maybe make a reaction of Seventeen finding out you have a crush on another member, person, BTS Reaction to you (GF) being the older sister of a Seventeen Member; BTS Reaction to Missing You While On Tour; BTS Reaction to You Stabbing an Intruder While They Are Away; BTS Reaction to Getting a Boner While You (GF) Are Sitting on Their Lap; BTS Reaction to You Surprising Them With Pregnancy Announcement Request: Can i request a BTS reaction to you being really short? Like 5'2 and under? Thank youuuuuuu!! A/N So imma make it that you are their girlfriend and stuff cuz yeah m8 Jin: I feel like Jin wouldn’t care all too much, he would just find it really adorable. Coups AKP STAFF It can be hard to remember K-Pop idols and their sometimes unique, distinct stage names. So instead of telling you to get off, he’s going to place his hands on Seventeen Reaction to you having an anxiety attack. The8. You baby stars should really send in more requests for these boys, I love writing Wouldn’t even need to ask you out because who wouldn’t want to date him. However, when they decide to scare you by coming out of a dark room, you fake a faint and pretend not to wake up. Coups: He’d be so said to see you cry. to you being a virgin (fluff) spider in the room; when you text woozi, you’re home alone (with gif) to you getting a tattoo; to you having a drug problem (angst) to your sleeping face; to you being a gamer Dec 17, 2017 soonyoung would bug the hell out of you without him realizing. I hope I’ll get to post a lot more from now on. Xiumin: When you cuddled up next to him nice and close, he opened his eyes and was immediately in awe at how beautiful you were, even when you weren’t Seventeen Reaction To You Having Severe Period Cramps. Day6 Reaction Masterlist. requests are open for: -outfits, asks, and reactions seventeen gif reactions crying-in-korean seventeen joshua seventeen jeonghan seventeen dk seventeen seventeen imagine seventeen scenarios seventeen reaction BTS REACTION - You being thick/chubby Thank you so much for the request, I think that all of BTS would love the girl for who they are, despite their weight, so I’m gonna do you a small scenario with Not Seventeen related. Feb 9, 2017 Seventeen Reaction to them making you cry during a fight “A/N: This is my own personal opinion, I'm not saying that the boys are like this,  Nov 29, 2016 azka853 said: Hey can you do a reaction for seventeen when they come home and see you crying Answer: Thanks for the request! Here you go  Aug 18, 2017 Seventeen Reaction to their crush crying to them because they were cheated on. 19-year-old Carly will never forget the moment one jerky guy shamed her body — and shattered her confidence. ” Joshua*plays you a song to make you feel better* Jun*acts Seventeen Reaction to you having an anxiety attack. Seventeen Vocal Unit’s reaction to you crying because of stress. Joshua BTS Reaction | being sore the morning after. Requested by @galaxycyndaquil Scenario: You are a fellow idol who is meeting BTS for the first time. BTS Reaction Masterlist 1) Meeting Them At A Fan Sign And It’s Love At First Sight 2) You Fangirling Over EXO 3) When Their Girlfriend Is Hyper 4) When You Do Aegyo 5) When You Laugh At Them Saying Seventeen Reaction to You Crying I do NOT own any gifs | credits to the owners! S. ” Originally posted by jeonswonwu. just Seventeen reaction when they hit you while you were fighting (requested) It’s really hard to find good gifs, so i’ll do a writeen reaction and put photos on those that i don’t find a gif, I am really sorry :( Admins Candi & Mimi at your service! We write scenarios and reactions about BTS, Monsta X, Seventeen, Block B, Got7, NCT 127/U, Day6. “Seventeen’s reaction to you using their strong toothpaste and getting teary/chills from it” S. Got7 reaction to you being pregnant with their baby and while you're backstage at their performance basically the baby is due unexpectedly. Coups recently since he has been so busy with preparing for another Seventeen comeback. Seventeen’s Hyung Line Reaction To You Being Sensitive & Crying Easily S. How can anyone resist her charms. Oh gosh im crying my super seventeen feels ♥ #superseventeen. After that he would want to know the GOT7 reaction to you cuddling them in your sleep. The 20-year-old actor and Disney star died "due to a seizure which was a result of an ongoing Seventeen Reaction - How You Tell Them You’re Pregnant - (Author’s Note: Oh my goodness, this is too funny. ), or you are so overwhelmed with anxiety the tears just flow out, you should still let yourself cry for as long as you need to. In order to "stop" crying, you have to take action before the urge to cry occurs. Seventeen Reaction to you being sad. : * holds your hand and listens to Seventeen Reaction to: You Being Upset That Their Clothes Are Too Small For You Hi^^ can i request a svt reaction where you want to be cute by wearing their clothes but theyre too small for you and you get really upset by it? *Trigger Warning* BTS Reaction To You (GF) Being Suicidal - WARNING! This reaction contains mention of suicide which is a VERY heavy matter. Their S/O Confessing They Are Asexual and They Realize They Don’t Have To Be Jealous. Seventeen Reaction to you taking care of him. Coups: He’d give you the tightest hug, and then he would ask you what’s wrong in a grave tone of voice. Seventeen Reaction to you being ill. Is ready to start crying bc of happiness, but manages to keep it in. (Seungkwan, Hoshi, Dino) Seventeen reaction to you sleeping without a bra on. -Reaction to you ignoring them since the other guys dared you to // Performance Unit-Seventeen reaction to other guys teasing them about their crush on you // Hip Hop Unit-Reaction to you learning and speaking Sindarin. this amazing story with an amazing plot and you make us laugh and cry and feel so Request : Seventeen reaction to you cuddling close to them while sleeping   Nov 27, 2016 Seventeen Reaction To You Having Severe Period Cramps Hip Hop Unit S. BTS reaction to missing you on tour; BTS reaction to flirting with you then finding out you’re dating a EXO member; BTS reaction to you admitting that they’re your first kiss; BTS reaction to a member not having a GF, but a BF; BTS reaction to you crying because you thought of how lucky you are to have them ; BTS reaction to forgetting your Whether you need to randomly cry, or you are struggling with anxiety and another condition (such as loss, grief, PMS, pain, etc. Seventeen Reaction to saying something hurtful about your family. Mark: Well he’d just think you were the cutest thing in the entire world. Wanting A Threesome - No Sanha. One moment he’s by the door about to leave, the next he’s on the couch with his shirt half unbuttoned. reaction to s/o and child going to their show (Hip Hop unit) reaction to not having a good relationship w/ parents (Vocal Unit) reaction to you walking in on them showering (Hip Hop unit + Joshua and Jeonghan) reaction to s/o getting braces (Vernon, Jihoon, Jeonghan, Soonyoung) reaction to you blushing from heated makeout session (Hip Hop unit) Seventeen Reaction to you wearing something sexy/classy for the first time (Vocal Team) _____ [Hip-Hop Team] [Performance Team] Jeonghan. I’m soon going to do one where she’s in labor. [Seventeen Project] SEVENTEEN's Family (Surprise Meeting) 170211 [ENGSUB] SEVENTEEN Full Reaction to their Family Video Message @ CARATLAND Day 2 SEVENTEEN Full Reaction to their Family Video Message @ CARATLAND Day 2 YouTube; seventeen and carat Svt Reacting to You Crying. Coups: You were really missing S. I’m so lucky to be together with her. Seventeen Reaction to Seeing You Cry For the your back since he doesn’t really know what to do and after the whole crying thing and after you’re feeling BTS Reaction: You cry because you’re afraid to break up with him - (because he’s the only thing that makes you smile. Our requests are currently closed. UPDATED Masterlist 3/28/17 Welcome welcome one and all. Hi everyone! This is an outfit, ships, and reaction blog run by Admin Dhalia. Wonwoo. Seventeen Reaction to you sexually dancing. (Vernon, Joshua, Jeonghan) Seventeen reaction to you wanting to do their make up. Conversation reactions:-Reaction to you suddenly kissing him for no reason (Woozi)-Reaction to you suddenly crying in front of “Baby, you’re gonna catch a cold sleeping here, let’s go into the room. Seventeen Reaction to you having an anxiety attack. He’d hugged you all day, comforting you with his words and also his affection. Hope you are able to find whatever you Sorry but I don’t feel like I can make a reaction of this because I feel like they would all react the same. After you said this word you were trying to continue on with your mental list of words but were continuously interrupted by Kai returning to think of “daddy” and laughing nonstop. Originally posted by unloyalcarat (Im not even sure if thats him but you get the point) Seungkwan. Hi there!! I was wondering if you could do a seventeen reaction when their crush comes running to them crying and asks for a hug ?? Thank you @zanzaalk Thank you for requesting!! I hope you like it <3 . Thanks for requesting! Sorry this took so long, I have a lot of mock exams and coursework I’m currently finishing for sixth-form but I should be updating more again now. ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE GIF MAKER// //REQUESTS ARE OPEN// This Is How It Feels When Someone Calls You Fat. Coups: Whenever you got upset over something whether it be something big or small, Coups would always be there with a great "I'll help you pack, and you can come live with me for a while. Jaebum: Seventeen Reaction to You Dancing/Singing to Their Song A/N: Seems like a lifetime since I’ve written for these boys. but this needed to be done. Originally posted by stay-n-dream. Coups He’ll kiss the top of your head then hug you from behind. Originally posted by moncheriwonwoo. Seventeen’s Performance Unit reaction to you crying because of stress. When you avoided eye contact throughout the whole song, it ended with a loud “woo” and seal clapping. Coups Seungcheol saw you laying in bed doubled over in pain. He’d actually go up to you and tell you not to do that and to stop in a kind, caring way. Seventeen as your older brothers azka853 said: Hey can you do a reaction for seventeen when they come home and see you crying Answer: Thanks for the request! Here you go hope you enjoy :) —– S. If you were crying because of Hi there!! I was wondering if you could do a seventeen reaction when their crush comes running to them crying and asks for a hug ?? Thank you @zanzaalk Thank you for requesting!! I hope you like it <3 . Hearing About Your Past Sexual Assault. SEVENTEEN REACTION - When you wake up crying because you had a nightmare . SEVENTEEN - 울고 싶지 않아 (Don't Wanna Cry) (English Translation) Lyrics: I don't want to cry / I don't want to cry / Because I love you, because saying I love . BTS Reaction- You waking them up to cuddle they’re on the couch after a fight and you feel bad so you wake them up and offer cuddles. Coups“Tell me. If you were crying because of Seventeen Reaction || Watching “2NE1 - Goodbye” With Their Girlfriend S. Coups- He'd wake up to your crying and immediately worry, gently shaking  Sep 23, 2015 Here you gooooo <3 anniestop. ” Originally posted by kpopforever2. lolly-kpop Anon requested: Vocal unit reaction to you crying because youve been getting SUPER stressed because of lots of school and work, where you sometimes forget to eat or sleep because you are so busy. When you sing, you feel nervous, thinking Jimin wouldn’t like your voice since he himself is an amazing singer. If you’ve found this, this is a slightly more up to date masterlist of the reaction posts on this blog. Coups would be one of those Seungcheol: "alright, time to watch some cheesy Disney movies and eat tubs of ice cream in the living room again" *he'd say as he lifts you over his shoulders to carry you to the living room* "we'll watch movies and tv shows together and eat our hearts out while you rest your head on my lap and I caress my hands through your hair until all of Got7 Reaction :: Finding their girlfriend crying MarkWhen Mark finds you crying he lets you cry all you want, holding you and hoping that you would calm down. Hey~ thanks for your request! here you go :) (ask box is open) GOT7 Reaction: When They Find You Crying Mark: * sings while he holds you so you forget why you’re crying* Jaebum: *immediately goes up to you and hugs you* Jr. This is a very emotional reaction and I BEG you to read *Trigger Warning* BTS Reaction To You (GF) Being Suicidal - WARNING! This reaction contains mention of suicide which is a VERY heavy matter. BTS Reaction Masterlist. BTS reaction to their S/O throwing up after dinner all of the time . You had a very open relationship and he wasn’t one of those guys to go running when you mentioned your period. image. You’re usually very happy and bubbly, but in front of them, you finally break down for the first time. EXO Reaction Masterlist. I’m just not about those unrealistic Exo reactions to seeing you crying *I do not own these gifs btw* Y/N= your name Baekhyun:*looks and sees you crying on the couch* “Don’t cry Y/N! Look! I have a puppy!” Seventeen reaction to you showing up during their practice crying because you were being followed there is no short title for this skjdfgh. Coups. “Everything will EXO Reaction to You Cheating on Them Part 2 //GIFS DO NOT BELONG TO US UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE. Woozi “ (y/n) baby? Let me go get our pillow and then we can lay here. Svt Reaction to Seeing Your Self-Harm Scars. Coups: Whenever you got upset over something whether it be  Aug 21, 2016 Can I request a seventeen reaction to someone making their s/o cry? You would try to apologize for the tears and tell him to continue on what  Jan 4, 2016 HELO CAN YOU PLEASE DO A REACTION OF SEVENTEEN And then this continues on until you stop crying and end up rolling your eyes  Sep 27, 2017 SEVENTEEN REACT: To another idol confessing to you on telly Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact: Hi! Can you do a SEVENTEEN scenario  i don't care what fandom you're a part of, you have to admit that seventeen's . @stayingforeverinmydreams asked: Hi~! I saw your post on how the Vocal unit would react to you crying because of stress. Hip Hop Unit. Coups*He knew you were going to get emotional so he had tissues prepared* “Hey, at least they left in a good Seventeen reacting to their S/O crying for the first time Lets say you crying over something like family problems or whatever you want ask box is here loves requested by anon ScoupsSeungcheol is VIXX Reaction to you crying in the bathroom N: “What’s wrong? What happened? Why are you crying” N would immediately as what’s wrong Leo: Leo would immediately go over and hug you and calm you down Seventeen Reaction to them making you cry during a fight “A/N: This is my own personal opinion, I’m not saying that the boys are like this, I don’t know them. I’m a bitch for angst, what can i say (’: Hoseok:(I can totally seventeen dating compatibility: Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio; seventeen dating compatibility: Leo, seventeen cuddle buddys; Seventeen reaction. Here, we’ve gathered some of the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of crying that will make you feel better about BTS reaction to their S/O winning a gold medal + breaking a record in figure skating at the olympics. “Hello? Jagi, are you crying? I'll be over in 10 minutes, fuck rehearsal. BTS Reaction | You’re upset after an argument. He’d take in how beautiful and peaceful you looked and smile to himself Seventeen Reaction to their Crush Coming to them Crying. tigermitq said: CAN I request a gif reaction of monsta x to you telling them that you are a Vampire? Answer: Shownu Shownu would be so confused and would find it hard to keep eye contact (look at the Exo's reaction when you suddenly start crying i’m late, late, late! and also yay because i get to use my hug gifs! XIUMIN: *holds you tightly until you stop crying* LUHAN: “a name is all i want. He’d never want to see you cry because you mean the world to him and seeing you down, it makes his heart break. Insisting that daddy was a sexual innuendo. I don’t like seeing you like this. Aug 11, 2017 Seventeen reaction of you randomly jumping on their back for a failing to teach you the “Don't wanna cry” choreography, because you both  Jul 29, 2016 Seventeen's Hyung Line Reaction To You Being Sensitive & Crying Easily S. Coups His lips would flicker slightly as he desperately tried to keep himself from smirking. " You hug him and start to pack all of your clothes, hair products, and anything else you own. You’re English is good so no need to say sorry!! And awww you melt me (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ⁄<⁄ ⁄) Thank you so much for loving my work!! I’m sorry if this took long but it’s only because I’m not as knowledgeable with dyslexia as I wish I was so I did some quick research to make the reactions more real. Once everything is in your bags, you load them into your car. Seungcheol: I think being a dad, he has a big heart and would feel hurt for you. “HI HI omg love this blog so much I was wondering if you  Sep 18, 2017 Seventeen reaction to you having a bad dream in which they cheated on You stop crying and just hug him tightly and you bet he hugs back. Originally posted by j1nwoo. Realizing too late that he should have BTS Reaction: You cry over their “Forever Young” music video not requested. Their S/O Having Anxiety And It Bursting Out. Netizens are laugh-crying as they compile a list of 'incorrect names' people call Seventeen's S. Thanks!~ Dec 4, 2017 [REACTION] Seventeen When They Realize You're Crying Watching a Movie ( PART 1) So the admin squad recently watched Disney Pixar's  Dec 3, 2017 SEVENTEEN Reaction to you having a nightmare Seungcheol/S. –> reactions & Cameron Boyce's death has shocked fans and Hollywood stars alike as the news continues to spread. ELF • CARAT . ” image. ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE GIF MAKER// //REQUESTS ARE OPEN// TRIGGER WARNING: KIDNAPPING, You were listing names that you could possibly call him in the future. Seventeen as your older brothers SEVENTEEN’s reaction when they see you cry S. Seventeen as your older brothers Seventeen reaction to you crying for the first time “You’re their significant other. It was a natural thing and he knew that. i stan super junior and seventeen that's all you need to know. What made my girl cry?” Junghan“Please smile. Got7 Reaction Seventeen [Hip Hop Unit] Reaction to their crush saying they wished they were their boyfriend. The two of you would be that one couple who takes note of every special occasion where you do things for the first time. (Mingyu, Jun, Wonwoo) Seventeen reaction when they see your stretch marks for the first time but you try to hide them. i tried to make this as non-repetitive as possible but i did It might not be particularly fun to feel sad or stressed, but crying is a natural reaction to those emotions. Bts react to their child crying because you’re at work - None of these gifs are mine. . seventeen reaction of leeteuk's speech in behalf of exo omgheee they look so proud . request: “Hello! Could I please get a BTS reaction to their partner actually waking up sore after a they go a little too hard on them the night before? Thank you!” BTS 17 Monsta X & Astro. It didn’t take him long to figure out what was going on. BTS’s reaction to meeting you for the first time and you tripping into them. seventeen reaction to you crying

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